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Curtin University
  Vice-Chancellor's Excellence Awards for Professional Staff
VC Awards: Excellence in Service: 2017 Nominees

Excellence in Service: 2017 Nominees

The Excellence in Service award recognises staff who provide consistently exceptional service to internal or external customers and drive a change which significantly enhances our customers' ‘Curtin Experience’.

Individual Nominations
Jenny Goodison

Jenny Goodison

CBS Research & Development
Nominated by: Fay Rola-Rubzen
Kath Nelly

Kath Nelly

Office of the DVC Academic
Nominated by: Dr Silvia Lozeva

Trevor Carmichael

Nominated by: Wayne Passmore



Jenna Dawson

Curtin Medical School
Nominated by: Keenan Moffatt


Team Nominations
Reasearch Integrity Team

Research Integrity
Nominated by: Amy Bowater

Nominees: Amy Bowater, Wendy Jacobs, Beng Chua, Tara Pike, Stephanie Holmquest, Mandy Downing, Pamela Lee, Bernadette Bradley, Kodee King, Alina Dmitrieva, Heather Johnson, Anneli Robbshaw, Matt Carroll

Counselling Service Curtin University Team

Counselling Service Curtin University
Nominated by: Lacy Gow

Nominees: Regina Gerlach, Janelle Booker, Judi Ainsworth, Hertha Collin, Melanie Turner, Emily Musgrove

CITS IT Service Centre Team

Curtin Information Technology Services (CITS) Venue Support
Nominated by: Florian Goessmann

Nominees: Tayla Kneller ,Nathan Currie, Calogero Algeri, Luke Burciu, James Chappelow, Andrew Chen, Arumudura De Silva. Jack Downes, Samuel Evans, Ryan Fillingham, Toby Fillingham, Robert Fox, Matthew Gaff, Gwynette Govardhan, Cameron Gray, Kate Haynes, Cahill Horn, Alyssa Hutchinson, Ben Hutchinson, Anthony Jenkins, Rebecca Kerr, Harry Latham, Kelly Lilburn, Luke Mammatt, Alex Massen-Hane, Emily Mast, Hannah Mast, Victoria Mills, Matthew Moyle, Georgia Neindorf, Tom O'Malley, Rachel O'Meara, Chloe Roberts, Sam Travaglini, Ashley Webster, Chanelle Wilson, James d'Espeissis, Ray Muyunda

Digital Student Engagement and Student Services team

Digital Student Engagement and Student Services
Nominated by: Lynton Beaumont-Bilsby

Nominees: Peter van Schie, Irina Walters, Matthew Kelly

Learning Technology Services Team

Learning Technology Services
Nominated by: Gordon Cunningham

Nominees: Gordon Cunningham, Martin Hill, David Spann, James Budworth, Justine Rodino, Jesse Crossing, Alastair Honeybun, James Holloway, Adam Mitchell, Paddy Waring

CUSP Support Team

CUSP Support Team
Nominated by: Shamim Samani

Nominees: Tonia Geneste, Ursula Smit, Imran Khan, Moshe Karp, Christine Finlay, Phil Webster

School of Civil and Mechanical Engineering Admin Team

School of Civil and Mechanical Engineering Admin Team
Nominated by: Professor Hong Hao

Nominees: Sucy Leong, Margaret Brown, Sharon Quek, Cheryl Cheng, Joy Van der Laan, Cheryl Ip, Ying Hong Lin, Frankie Sia

Curtin Specialist Mentoring Program Team

Curtin Specialist Mentoring Program
Nominated by: Sean Murray

Nominees: Theresa Kidd, Jasmine McDonald