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Curtin University
  Vice-Chancellor's Excellence Awards for Professional Staff

How to nominate

Step 1. Select nominee

  • Nominations can be made by any academic or professional staff member, including supervisors, managers or colleagues.
  • Identify a team or individual who has accomplished an outstanding achievement during the award period (1 July 2016 – 30 June 2017) which is over and above the normal expectations of their role(s).
  • Ensure your intended nomination meets the eligibility criteria set out in the Award guidelines
  • If nominating a team, please consult with the team representative to ensure that the team composition and contributions are accurately reflected.
  • If self-nominating, consider who could act as your referee. They must be a current staff member who is able to comment on your/your team’s achievement or contribution.

Step 2. Select nomination category

Review the nomination categories to select the most appropriate award category and check that your intended nomination meets the award criteria. If you are unsure, ask the Awards Project Coordinator for clarification.

Awards criteria

Excellence in Innovation

Implementing an innovative and effective solution which supports Curtin’s strategic objectives. Developing a new approach or system which responds to a challenge we are facing or measurably improves our effectiveness and efficiency.

Excellence in Engagement or Collaboration

Successful engagement with external partners to enrich our local or global community. OR Successful collaboration with other faculties/portfolios to build constructive working partnerships and implement significant cross-functional initiatives.

Excellence in Leadership

Leadership may be demonstrated by staff at any level of the organisation by fostering a positive culture and enabling others to excel, whilst modelling our values. An outstanding leader embraces continuous improvement and delivers outcomes in support of Curtin’s Strategic Plan 2017-2020.

Excellence in Service

Providing consistently exceptional service to internal or external customers. Or initiating and driving a change which significantly enhances our customer’s ‘Curtin Experience’.

Tip 1. The best nominations are clear, concise and specifically outline the impact of the nominee's contribution.

Tip 2. Put yourself in the shoes of the judging committee. What information would you need to know to evaluate a nomination and select a winner?

Tip 3. Write short sentences that are concise and give specific details, examples or evidence to articulate how the nominee's outstanding work has had a significant impact in the area of innovation, engagement, collaboration, leadership or service.

Tip 4. Aside from common acronyms, all first instances of acronyms should be spelled out.

Step 3. Plan and prepare nomination

Preparing to complete the online nomination form:

  • It is recommended that you write your nomination statement in a Word document so you can monitor your word count and refine the content until you are happy with it. Although you can edit and save the online nomination form, it’s much easier (and safer) to copy and paste your responses from a document you have saved elsewhere.
  • You may choose to notify your nominee prior to nominating them. In the case of a self-nomination, as a courtesy you should notify your referee prior to selecting them.
  • You can gather supporting information or statistics from others (including your nominee) to strengthen the nomination. However, all content should be checked carefully for accuracy.
  • If the project is still being developed or has not produced results, consider identifying major milestones completed and the impact to the overall outcome. If this progress is not of substantial impact, consider waiting to submit the nomination until after the impact has been fully realised and can be supported with results.
  • The online nomination form allows you to upload attachments in support of your nomination such as photos and testimonials. Attachments should be no more than six (6) pages in total.

Planning your nomination statement

The nomination statement forms the core of your submission and consists of three sections:

Synopsis (approx. 100 words)

What did the nominee do?

Start with a succinct overview, written in the third person, of the nominee's distinctive contribution in relation to the award category criteria.

It is important to emphasise why the contribution or achievement is significant and deserving of recognition.

This synopsis will be used in University communications if the nomination is successful.

The actions or strategies (max. 500 words)

How did they do it?

Describe the actions and/or strategies used by the individual or team to achieve their objectives and articulate how the nominee’s exceptional achievement or success exceeds normal expectations of performance.

This description should support the category's criterion. You may include information such as:

  • stakeholder involvement
  • tools and systems used or developed
  • effective use or development of resources
  • innovative approaches
  • challenges that have been overcome.

Consider how Curtin’s values and signature behaviours were demonstrated in your actions/approach.

Outcomes and relationship to the Strategic Plan (max. 500 words)

What were the results and/or impact?

Describe the direct outcomes of the achievement or contribution by the individual or team to their faculty or area and relate them to one or more of the six themes of the Strategic Plan 2017-2020:

  • Deliver a seamless, responsive and innovative digital environment
  • Offer a distinctive student experience that focuses on leadership, industry linkages and global citizenship
  • Strengthen our postgraduate profile, responding to the changing nature of work and careers.
  • Lead in curriculum design and new learning and teaching approaches
  • Be a university of choice for a diverse range of students, including high achievers and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

  • Support, profile and build scale in key areas of research strength.
  • Identify and enable areas of emerging research capability.
  • Foster a strong performance culture for research, enhanced by analytics and targeted support programs.
  • Improve our postgraduate research outcomes and establish an innovative Curtin PhD framework.
  • Secure our position and deepen our capability in knowledge exchange and commercialisation.

  • Enrich our local and global communities through knowledge leadership and collaborative partnerships.
  • Develop and pursue a clear and sustainable regional Western Australia strategy.
  • Strengthen our profile as an industry-facing and industry-embedded university.
  • Intensify alumni engagement, build advancement capability and increase philanthropic support.
  • Strengthen our global reputation.

  • Create a global, collaborative and connected workforce.
  • Empower staff at all levels to lead, innovate and strive for excellence.
  • Strengthen values-based leadership.
  • Improve gender and Indigenous equity.

  • Expand our global presence through strategic international partnerships, alliances and integrated campuses.
  • Grow global demand for our courses and strengthen international research collaborations.
  • Support a worldwide network of alumni.
  • Leverage our global presence to provide enhanced learning experiences for our students and developmental opportunities for our staff.
  • Ensure a sustainable business model, diversifying our revenue base and aligning resource allocation with strategy.
  • Pursue operational effectiveness and efficiency to position us for future success.
  • Provide capital and digital infrastructure that supports our strategic ambitions across all campuses and platforms.
  • Embrace the benefits of change and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

This section should include information to demonstrate the level of impact of the contribution such as cost/ time efficiencies, metrics or customer feedback.

Nomination deadline

All nominations must be received by
Friday, 11 August 2017 at 5:00pm

Step 4. Complete nomination

  • Select the appropriate award type and category.
  • Complete Nominator and Nominee details.
  • When nominating a team, the nominator will provide a team name, team representative and select other key members of the team.
  • Complete the nomination statement.
  • Upload relevant attachments (optional).
  • Submit nomination to nominee/ referee.

What happens next?

  • Nominee will receive an email notification and is required to accept or decline the nomination, OR
  • Referee will receive an email notification and is required to endorse or decline the nomination and provide a referee statement.
  • Once the nomination has been accepted/endorsed you will receive an email notification
  • Access the online nomination form to digitally sign and submit the nomination.
    • You must complete this final step before the nomination close date: 5pm Friday 11 August 2017